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Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

Mar 26,2023
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Author: Shaoxing Qiangou Textile Co., Ltd.

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

We have a nearly 3-year-old boy at home.

Coordinates: Southern coastal cities

Baby sleeping characteristics: 1, love fidgeting; 2. You sweat

So let me introduce him in stages, from infancy to infancy, to pajamas that I thought were great.

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The material and tailoring characteristics as the recommendation point do not involve the brand recommendation, only as a reference to choose and buy. You are welcome to recommend your favorite brand in the comments.

I. Infancy (before turning over)

Since the coordinates are southern coastal cities, it is "summer" most of the time, and the temperature in winter is above 10℃.

1. Pure cotton monk clothes

Keywords: Class A, pure cotton, boneless, one-piece, monk clothes/butterfly clothes

Summer material recommendation: pure cotton gauze

Autumn and winter material recommendation: pure cotton clip

For the newborn baby, the one-piece clothes are better wrapped and can better care for the tummy. I suggest that before birth, the one-piece clothes have no printing pattern, and the legs do not need to have a button design because changing the diaper before turning over is more convenient.

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

In most cases, the baby is held in the quilt in winter, so I did not choose winter pajamas at that time, but if there is a need, the father can choose the style of cotton clamping and anti-kick quilt.

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

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2. Anti-shock pajamas

For the baby who is easy to wake up when landing, I suggest you try the anti-shock sleeping bag. The one that you put the baby to bed after sleeping is easier to succeed. For this type, I suggest using elastic fabric.

The one that can press your hand, my baby, tried it before, but it didn't work well. His hand drill came out at once. I usually put him between two pillows so he can move his hand, but the Angle is limited.

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

Ii. Infancy (before a full sleep)

This rule of time division is based on my son as an example. Each baby is different, just for reference.

Before a full sleep, the baby will quickly wake up at night to pee. However, my baby with high needs can't even stand a dip in urine. To facilitate him wearing and removing the diaper, we must also ensure his right to sleep freely.

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1. Summer

Because spring and autumn are very short here, I buy most of my summer pajamas.

For summer fabrics, I recommend cotton and silk.

The former is breathable very well, and the more wash, the softer; The latter is the fabric I wore most in summer when I was a child. The skin feeling is very incredible.

(Body sensing temperature above 20℃)

Keywords: Class A, pure cotton, short sleeve, Ha clothing (recommended above 20℃)

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

(Body temperature above 25℃)

Keywords: Class A, pure cotton, boneless, fart one-piece/short sleeve Ha clothing

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

(Special fabric)

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

 Because his home is made of patented material, it is not so easy to sweat; Moreover, the material is elastic, which can be understood as the size being too large. My son's triangle bag of 73 sizes has been worn to about 85CM for him. Later, because the air conditioner is turned on all night when I sleep at home, I did not continue to buy this brand when I was a little bigger. Mainly, it is a little expensive.

2, Spring and Autumn (body temperature about 15℃)

Keywords: Class A, pure cotton, split leg

For an active baby, a pair of pajamas that split his legs are comfortable and prevents him from kicking, which makes it easier for him to wake up crying at night.

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

It is best to choose a size a little larger so that the legs will stay upright.

3. Winter

(Body sensing temperature is about 10℃)

Keywords: Class A, laminated cotton, Ha fu

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

This kind of sewing is usually done like this in the picture, which is more suitable for the situation above 10℃. Now, the weather has begun to cool, and the temperature difference between day and night is enormous. It is better to buy the cuff, and trouser mouth is closed design, compared with the price to keep warm.

(Body sensing temperature below 10℃)

Keywords: Class A, thickening, conjoined

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

The thickened one here is a style with more padding and looks shaggy, which is easier to store heat and suitable for temperatures below 10℃.

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Three, early childhood (after a full sleep)

It's no longer necessary to get up at night to change his diaper because he's already gone through the night without peeing. The previous onesies were not convenient to put on and take off once you had to wear a coat and pants, so in this period, split pajamas were mainly used with sleeping bags.

The material selection remains the same as before, from conjoined to separate.

During this period, I began to buy the main bedtime products - sleeping bags.

The sleeping bag is the real weapon to liberate my mother. When he is small, he will always get up to change his diaper or cover the quilt because he will pee. He will wear a sleeping bag directly when he sleeps through the whole night without worrying about catching a cold.

Summer sleeping bag keywords: thin style, split legs, removable/vest

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

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I usually buy one with half sleeves off. In this way, I put the sleeves on when it is cold and take them off when it is hot so that they will last longer. Then hot, that can choose vest style. This style is generally different from the regular leg design, and there is a buckle that can put the sleeping bag under the front and back to fix up so that the clothes will not fall asleep and run up the belly. My suggestion is that the trouser's end should not be too tight, tight straightforward to shrink up.

Keywords: Thickening/cotton, split leg,

Baby different stages of the purchase of pajamas advice

For the autumn and winter sleeping bag, you can choose the right style according to the indoor temperature, corresponding to different stuffing grams. Here it is recommended that you choose a little larger size so that the pant legs in sleep even shrink will not be too short; The second is to look at the size of the neckline. Try to choose a slight neckline; I suggest that the half sleeve be taken off because the child is particularly prone to sweating when they just slept, and repeated sweating and perspiration are easy to catch a cold. At this time, taking off the half sleeve can facilitate heat dissipation, and when the body temperature is constant, you can put the sleeve back on.

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