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A few tips for choosing throw pillows

Mar 26,2023
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Author: Shaoxing Qiangou Textile Co., Ltd.

A few tips for choosing throw pillows

Soft sweet pillow has always been loved by people, pillow but a very common household products, where there is a sofa, how can not put pillow to decorate it? And watching TV in the living room, holding a soft pillow, is also a pleasure! Many people like to place throw pillows in their homes, but what should we pay attention to when we buy throw pillows? How to look at the throw pillow is good or bad? The following Xiaobian to share some tips for choosing throw pillows, come and have a look together

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1, the appearance of the pillow cloth, that is, the pillow case. According to the coat of the raw materials of high and low grade to divide, the common length of wool, wool flannelette, velvet and so on. And each price is different, we can choose a suitable price.

2. Know about caulk. The best filler is mostly PP cotton, which feels very comfortable. And pay special attention to the poor pillow filling cotton is a lot of black cotton and so on. We can squeeze it and feel it for ourselves.

3. Details of throw pillows. Check to see if the fixed parts are strong, there is no thread or edge thorns. The same color raw materials in the sun hair direction is the same.

4. Trademarks. See if there is a trademark, factory location.

5. Shape. Observe the appearance of beauty, whether they like this pattern, and the theme of the color at home, whether the product shape is symmetrical.

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